Here’s to 2014!


Wow, what a year 2013 has been! So much laughter, tears, joy, everything that makes this life so weird and wonderful.

I honestly believe that 2014 will be the best year ever! With God by our side, there is no dream too small, no problem too big, nothing we cannot accomplish and do!

We all have dreams and wishes we want to see fulfilled, and 2014 is the year!  My wish for you all is joy, blessings, healing, health, happiness, love and dreams coming true.

2013 Thank you for all the lessons, 2014 I’m Ready!!

Have an amazing New Year!

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10 things i have recently learnt & love

10 Things, General



1.  You can never have too much lip balm in Winter.

2.  I prefer Soy milk to regular milk.

3.  Sometimes you care more about someone than what they care for you, but it’s ok, we were born to love.

4.  I discovered GlossyBox, and it has become my monthly must-have! (Read more about GlossyBox in my next post).

5.  I’m in love with L’Occitane products – more specifically the L’Occitane Precious Cream.  Makes your skin glow with health and I’m addicted to it!

6.  When you’re out of ideas for supper, throw ingredients into your slow cooker and watch the magic happen!

7.  Yoga really helps for back pain, and 10 minutes of meditating helps you keep your cool when having a stressful day!

8.  Moving forward and onwards, leaving the past behind, can be painful, but sometimes you just have to…

9.  A beautiful poem (Joy is a Picture) is something you never forget.

10.  Teach your children to pray.

Life is similar to this tree – as you age and life goes on, you peel back the layers of all your memories, some good, not so good, the bits and pieces of your life exposed for all to see, but the real truth lies deep inside, for only you.



Life is too short.  Live it, the way you want to and need to live it!



Be happy, you deserve it!



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Welcome – Marseille Blue Le Creuset!

General, Recipes

What is Le Creuset I hear you ask?

Well, only the most coveted cookware ever!

Founded in 1925, Le Creuset is a French cookware manufacturer best known for it’s colourful enameled cast iron casseroles, they also make many other types of cookware such as sauce pans, skillets, tagines etc.

Seeing that I frequent the Yuppiechef website almost more than Pinterest (shock horror), I have included a few photos of the new Marseille Le Creuset range which can be found on and don’t be surprised if you find yourself ordering a lot more than just pots and pans.

Le Creuset 32cm Buffet Casserole


Le Creuset 30cm Skillet


Le Creuset 28cm Round Cocotte


Sources:  here and here

All things Autumn


Crisp cool air…autumn is here! This time of the year I really prefer to stay indoors and to make things as warm and cozy as possible.

Here are some of my favourite autumn things.


Tainted with orange and yellow


Perfumed in pink


Good for you veggies - perfect for casseroles


Pure delicious goodness


Hot chocolate, mini marshmallows and movies


Classic Oatmeal Cardy Ugg


Faux Fur Blankets


Nothing like reading a great book


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