Eggs, so much to do so little time!

I found these wonderful ideas with eggs, the how to link / recipe is below each pic.

Enjoy, and remember, breakfast is the most important part of the day!

Have a beautiful Monday!


Heart Toast filled with Egg

How to:  here


Heart shaped Egg 'n Bacon

I have made this several times, using a mould and using a heart shaped dish, is beautiful everytime!

How to: here


Egg in Onion Ring

How to: here


Heart Shaped Egg using a Mould from Yuppiechef

Buy: here


Another heart shaped egg trick


Egg, Bacon & Toast Cups

How to:  here


Breakfast Bowl


How to:  here


The breakfast I made! (1)


The finished product (2)

I lightly greased the heart shaped ramekins (using Spray n Cook).  I then gently fried the streaky bacon, until just done.  I shaped it into the ramekins, cracked open an egg, added salt, pepper and herbs, and off to the oven for about 10min or so (I like my eggs hard).



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