Recipe To Do List – Infused Sugar


Vanilla Infused Sugar using Vanilla Pods


Citrus & Lavender Infused Sugar


I love doing this, and need to make more.  My ultimate is vanilla infused sugar, unfortunately now I don’t want to use any other sugar 😉



Sugar, vanilla pods, citrus fruit, lavender,  glass container with seal, a zest and ribbon or twine to garnish.
1. Zest the fruit  you want to use to give your sugar a touch of flavor. Leave it out overnight to dry.
2. Layer the sugar and the zest/seeds/flowers in a glass container. When you reach the top add some extra zest for color.
3. Let the sugar sit for at least one week before you use or hand them out as favors. This will give the sugar optimal flavor!
4. If you use lavender or espresso beans you can remove them by straining the infused sugar into a separate bowl before using it in a recipe or coffee. Or you can grind the beans and lavender to a super fine consistency and leave them in the sugar.
5.  For vanilla infused sugar, simply add the pods to the sugar in a jar for a week.
Source:  here and here

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